Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

All Natural (Drug Free) Bodybuilding Secrets

Natural bodybuilding refers to bodybuilding without muscle enhancing drugs or anabolic substances. In other words natural athletes who choose to build their body with all-natural have to stick to a regimen of well structured bodybuilding diet along with some performance enhancing supplements like whey protein, creatine & l-glutamine. There are however other natural athletes who go all out ie they don't even use over the counter products to help them supplement their daily diets. Their nutrition consists solely on natural foods!

Natural bodybuilding is a very specific sport. There are national bodybuilding organisations that organize natural bodybuilding contests for men and women. For more information or if you are interested in entering a natural bodybuilding show please get yourself a copy of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine at your local newsagent. Some of these shows are drug tested and some are not. The choice on which one you compete is completely yours.

A natural bodybuilder must learn to build his body in the most precise way possible. Learning as much as possible about natural bodybuilding dieting, training, supplementation is essential if one is to successfully build a natural physique of national caliber.

Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Does Natural Bodybuilding Still Exist?

The term "natural" has undergone multiple revisions in the last few years. New and high tech bodybuilding supplements have blurred the distinction between legal supplementation and steroids. The addition of various pro-hormonal stacks and related supplements to the bodybuilder's arsenal has caused many to conclude that natural bodybuilding no longer exists. One could ask also,

Is it natural to consume 5 grams of Creatine-Monohydrate or 10 grams of L-Glutamine in a single serving?

Is it natural to use Taraxatone to increase muscular definition and then apply 5 coats of Pro-Tan prior to competition?

Does pre-digested ion exchange whey protein exist naturally?

The obvious answer to these questions is NO!

On the other hand, while it is possible to achieve an impressive and healthy physique without supplementation you need to be aware that the proper use and combination of legal supplements will increase the speed of your physical transformation and that your competitor (should you decide to compete) is likely using them to his or her advantage. So how do we resolve this conflict.

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

Attention Athletes - Become As Fit As A Caveman By Complying With The Paleo Diet

When we compare our regular lives to that of professional athletes, it is obvious that they follow a much different lifestyle than we do. Because they participate in such extreme sports, they push their body limits on a regular basis and in doing so
they require a regimen that allows their body to mend injuries and recover at a speedy rate, so that they can continue to participate in their respected sport. The paleo diet for athletes is a great remedy for these requirements and it is no wonder it is recommended by health experts and athlete trainers.

The paleo diet, which founded its name from Palaeolithic is developed from the food plan of the hunter gatherers centuries ago. It mainly contain foods such as lean meats and seafood hunted from animals, fruits, vegetables, in addition to nuts and seeds gathered by our ancestors. Dairy products and crop food products are on no
account a part of the diet because they were produced by man following the formulation of agriculture, not by nature. Athletes who follow the paleo diet enjoy a healthy body oozing with an abundance of energy. By making a few minor corrections towards the diet, paleo athlete enthusiasts favor lowered recovery times leading to a massive enhancement in performance.