Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

My Natural Athlete's Foot Treatment

 I didn't know what exactly athlete's foot was until I got it myself. I like playing sports but I wouldn't consider myself an athlete by any means you know. So I couldn't figure or understand how I got athlete's foot. I had this burning sensation in between my toes and bottom of my foot I didn't have before and it was very uncomfortable. I know this is gross but if it happened to me it can happen to anyone really.

I wanted to try a natural approach to treating my athlete's foot instead of the traditional medications. What I did find was something called tea tree oil. What is that you might be asking? Well tea tree oil can kill bacteria and fungi and when I applied this to my infected area twice a day for a few weeks it finally subsided.

I'm still trying to think how did I acquire athlete's foot because I don't take off my shoes in public places and I'm not in a situation where my feet are constantly wet. Even though im unaware how I did get it I'm taking addition steps to ensure this doesn't happen again like making sure my socks are always clean and the inside of my shoes are dry. If you did get athlete's foot is easily treatable so I wouldn't worry too much, but I wouldn't wait too long to start athlete's foot treatment because it is no picnic and can be very unappealing if you have to take off your shoes in front of people.

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