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Natural Athlete's Foot Cure

There are natural athlete's foot cure that will help you stop the growth of bacteria. Maybe some of you had been very ashamed to discuss this. But always, the key to stop this shameful condition is to prevent it from getting worse.

Athlete's foot is a bacteria or fungus that usually thrives in enclosed, warm and moist environments. Most of the cases, the bacteria and fungus flourish in dirty shoes, damp socks, shower rooms and even the locker rooms. You have an athlete's foot when you got a peeling in between your toes, and when you experience a blistered and cracked feet. Also the certain sign of this are redness and when you feel an intense itching between your toes.

Actually, athlete's foot is not contagious. But if you don't treat it as early as possible, chances are you're going to get ugly blisters that could cause bacterial infections which are bad. You need to properly care and treat your athlete's foot for about two weeks. Then you'll notice that it will start to clear up on the first week of your treatment. In case it does not clear up within a week, you need to seek some medical care.
You need a little extra care when it comes to your feet to avoid the growth of fungus and bacteria. The following are the proper care and the natural athlete's foot cure.

First, you should always take care of your feet, never wear damp socks. When putting on your socks, make sure that you wipe it dry, and you can apply a foot powder too.

Wear your own sandals when you are in public showers to avoid the use of other people's sandals. Athlete's foot is not contagious but it is advisable to use your own so you'll be sure that you are using a clean one.

Wash you socks daily. Buy socks that keep moisture away to keep your feet dry. You can buy cotton socks. These socks have fibers that helps absorb sweat completely. Never buy socks with synthetic material.
Never wear shoes that hold too much moisture, it is good to use sneakers; anyway it is always in style. If possible, wear different shoes every other day to keep the shoes dry the next day you use it.

Every night soak your feet on a hot water with two to three table spoon of salt. This helps clean and combat the bacteria that thrives in your feet. Not only do you get a clean feeling but it helps to soothe your tired feet as well.

Lastly treat your athlete's foot with a lotion that contains anti-fungal properties. Look for the tea tree oil and peppermint oil antifungal ingredients.

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