Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Athletes Foot Remedy - Natural Cures For Athletes Foot Fungus

We have all had the itching and extreme frustration that can stem from something so minuscule and small you would not think of the damage that it could do. The culprit I am talking about is athletes foot which can make you want to simply hang your foot out your car door so that you can get the relief from the itch. Fortunately, there is an athletes foot remedy that will help you achieve the relief you so desperately seek.

If you are unsure if that scratch is more than just a bug bite gone awry then you should take a look at the symptoms of athletes foot. Athletes foot is actually a type of fungus that most generally forms between the toes and can cause an itching or burning sensation accompanied by some skin peeling on the foot. Skin peeling is a good sign that this is more than just an itching foot.

Breeding grounds for athletes foot are places such as pool decks, locker rooms, and shower booths. That is why so many people have resorted to wearing the ever-lovely flip-flop when they are in places such as that. They keep you from having to touch your foot to the possible fungus that might have formed on the floor and also help you keep your feet clean.

An athletes food remedy that is very popular is something that you can find in most any home and has a multitude of uses. White vinegar could be your greatest natural athletes foot remedy as it will work to kill off the fungus that has formed on your tootsies. To try this athletes foot remedy you simply soak your foot in a white vinegar bath for twenty to thirty minutes twice a day. Not only is it easy, it's a one hundred percent all-natural remedy that will cost you very little compared to some of the prescriptions that can be shoved your way.

Something else that is a true one hundred percent all natural athletes foot remedy would be to try rubbing tea tree oil on the affected area. Tea tree oil has been used for centuries as a cure all for most everything because of its natural healing abilities. Tea tree oil could be the savior you were waiting on.

Things that you can do to prevent athletes foot would be to wear cotton socks to pull away the moisture and if you are a person that has very sweaty feet try putting some foot powder in your sock. That will also absorb any extra moisture and also help those feet smell a little better as well.

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