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Athletes Foot Cures That Work

With the beating our feet take on a daily basis it's a wonder there is any athletes foot cures that work. Think about it for a minute. Our feet are stood on for countless hours each day under our bodies tremendous weight, walked on, ran on, and often times crammed into shoes that are too small or distort our feet. (high heels) Athletes foot is really only one of the problems we sometimes have to deal with.

But, even with that said, if you've ever suffered with athletes foot you know how bothersome it can be. The itching and scratching just won't end it seems. You can literally continue to scratch until your feet become raw! So, are there any athletes foot cures? What can I do to get it to stop?

Well, there are certainly no shortage of athletes foot cures. It seems like everyone under the sun has some kind of remedy. The real question is, which ones actually work? Let's take a quick look at a few of them:

Soaking your feet in baking soda. This athletes foot remedy is an easy one and it works. Simply fill a bucket with warm water and mix in plenty of baking soda. Soak your feet in it for approximately 30 minutes once a day after work.

Aloe vera gel. This is another natural athletes foot cures. Rub aloe vera gel on your feet twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Sprays and powders. You can easily purchase one of the many name brand sprays or powders for your athletes foot remedy at your favorite discount store.

Rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol with cotton balls to the infected area. As one of the many different athletes foot cures, it seems to work very well.

Tea tree oil. This is another favorite athletes foot remedy that works remarkably well. The ingredients in tea tree oil have been proven effective in eliminating the fungus.

Some other natural athletes foot cures include using cinnamon, onion juice (no...not mixed together), grapefruit seed extract, boric acid, apple cider vinegar, raw garlic (if you can take the smell), and even raw honey.

The next time you notice yourself itching and scratching your feet, try one of these remedies. It should quickly give you relief and have you saying thank you for the athletes foot cures.

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