Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

Natural Bodybuilding Versus The Typical Meathead

Natural bodybuilding in many respects is still in its infancy. Stemming from the infamous traditional bodybuilding industry, to get away from all the hype and stigmas associated with the industry. I want to dive in a bit to explain the main differences and ideologies of the natural bodybuilder versus the typical bodybuilder.

Since the days of Eugene Sandow bodybuilding has really taken a turn for the worse. When we think of the bodybuilding industry what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, for me it is steroids, drugs, meathead, roid rage, etc. It is very frightening this has become the issue. Because of the stigma associated with the industry people have begun to try and separate them selves away from this kind of thinking, and have strived to advocate the right way to do things.

Sandow in his early years was a big admirer of the ancient Greek and Roman statues that demonstrated the beauty and art that lies within the human body. Natural bodybuilding has taken a stance that is trying to get back to this methodology of doing what the body can already do naturally. Sandow's original intention was to create a weight lifting spectacle to demonstrate how much weight a person can move. This was the introduction to the strong man competition. Because of the popularity of this strong man spectacle Sandow became popular and began to help others with training and diet.

The biggest difference between the natural 'drug-free' bodybuilder versus a typical bodybuilder of today is the way they look and train. The natural athlete typical trains more rigorously and diets harder to maintain what he has at the beginning. Another big difference is when a person stops taking steroids or other stimulants their physique typically goes with the stimulant. I have found that the natural athlete stays younger longer and can maintain their physique a lot easier especially in the latter years of life.

Since natural bodybuilding started the 'break away' the industry has grown pretty dramatically. Within the past 10 years there has been a big push to be "natural." Supplement companies such as Dymatize and Muscle Pharm proudly state on their products they are stimulant free. Being part of this industry is like being part of a exclusive club or movement. The challenge is being patient with your gains and realizing this includes a lot of hard work that will take you years to build solid musculature.

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