Senin, 09 Juli 2012

The Standard Schnauzer - A Natural Athlete

Depending upon the climate in which an owner lives, a Standard Schnauzer can adapt easily to both indoor and outdoor life. The Standard Schnauzer is an extremely athletic dog breed which needs to receive plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. The dog has a keen and sharp mind, high energy level and needs to have a wide array of fun and entertaining activities to keep them occupied.

Playing a simple game of fetch is not challenging enough to keep the Standard Schnauzer entertained for very long. An owner should throw a bit of hide and seek into the mix to allow the dog to exercise the body and mind. The dog loves to solve complex issues and will thrive when given a challenge. The breed has been used in the search and rescue capacity, and loves a good game of sniffing and finding a hidden object. Exercise caution when allowing the dog to find a hidden object and what is offered in terms of a reward. The dog may just choose to ignore the game and devour the treat when you aren't looking.

A casual stroll around the neighborhood block is not going to suffice for a Standard Schnauzer. The dog needs a brisk walk on a regular basis to cater to its natural athletic abilities. The Standard Schnauzer also craves mental stimulation and loves to play games and other exciting activities. The dogs love attention and participating in a play session where they can run freely. If you are currently in the process of getting physically fit, a Standard Schnauzer makes a great workout partner.

It is a good idea for the owner of a Giant Schnauzer to engage the dog various sporting activities. The breed absolutely loves to compete and sports provide them with another great outlet for burning energy. The competitive nature and natural ability of a Giant Schnauzer makes the breed ideal for a variety of different doggie sports.

The Standard Schnauzer is adept at agility trials. Agility trials are a simple obstacle course over which the dog will run through in the direction of the owner/handler. The owner/handler is forbidden from touching the dog, the breed loves the challenge and stimulation as well as the various jumps he or she can do. It is a great exercise which provides them with both mental and physical stimulation.

The breed also excels at Schutzhund, which is a sporting event. There are very few breeds which can compete in such a sport as this. However, the Standard Schnauzer is a natural athlete which shines in the sport. The trial consists of a series of tests which has three separate components; the dog must successfully pass each portion in order to advance through to the next round of competition. The Standard Schnauzer must succeed in the areas of obedience, tracking and protection and the sport somewhat resembles the training a police dog would receive. The Schnauzer is great in this capacity and is used by Germans for police dogs.

The Schnauzer must be taken out and allowed to participate in athletic competitions. The most important thing an owner should always remember is to get the dog out of the house and allow them to be as active as possible; this is what the breed craves and must have in order to be a well-adjusted pet.

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